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6:14am 07-11-2021
Hi Irene,

According to my family tree, I am a direct descendent of Pierre Shawanipenesi through his daughter Aglae Pigeau/Pujos..who was my great great Grandmother. Can you reach out to me to help me untangle this family history? For context I am a Masters student doing research on assimilation and reconciliation and would like to understand my affiliations better as a descendent .

My student email is Thanks!
11:57am 01-14-2021
Suzanne Knox
I had mty family tree done and I am in search of any written documentation pertaining to Pierre Pigeau Shawaniprenisi. Birth certificate, death certificate and or anything stating that he was an Algonquin Chief. Thanking you in advance.
6:25pm 11-21-2020
Tammy Daub
Hello Irene, I have a question regarding the Pigeau's and Shawanipenesi lineages. Could you please contact me I am doing my husband's family Genealogy. His 2nd Great Grandmother is Louise (Louisiana) Pigeau who was married to Jules Houle. Her father was listed as Peter Pigeau on her death certificate and her mother was Judiciary Lageunesse.
Thank you. .
1:41pm 09-21-2020
Hello Irene,

My name is Pamela and I'm trying to research information for my mother. Her parents were Georges Beaulieu and Alexina Pigeau who lived in Bonfield.. Alexina Pigeau was the daughter of Napeoleon "Leon" Pigeau and Vitaline Bellefeuille. I'm just wondering if you can help me out with my Pigeau ancestry. My email is Thank you.
7:50pm 01-24-2020
Mike desgroseilliers
Hi Irene
My name is Mike DesGroseilliers. I am trying to obtain information on Gerald Pigeau b. 1906 in Bonfield, On. D. 1987, Timmins. Had his wife as Marie Lepine, however, can not find any data on her. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Can be reached at
8:00pm 02-08-2019
Hello Irene,

I am contacting you in regards to Mary Sylvestre-Oliver. I am a direct descendant and wish to request information of you to bond our family trees together. I am the great grandson of the late Alfred Thomas Lyon of North Bay. I have a copy of the family tree but do not have the ties to the Trudeau family as you have mentioned. If you recieve this, PLEASE email me at I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
1:33pm 07-06-2018
Melissa Trott
Hello Irene,
My name is Melissa, I met you years ago as a member of the Metis Nation of Ontario. My mother is Judi Trott, who I believe you know. I am trying to sort out the information, just like the others searching for answers on the Pigeau family. I appreciate all the work you have done with this line, however, I have since lost my Metis card, because the MNO says that the information we provided regarding the parents Pierre Pigeau and Maryanne Beauchamps is incorrect and not the right ancestors. This is all very confusing for me. I had belonged to the MNO for years, and feel as native person, that it is important to belong and contribute to your community. I want to find out where my ancestry comes from, and connect with my original community. I had been told that my ancestor was Algonquin from the Golden lake area and that my ancestor was Chief Shawaniprenisis. Now someone from the MNO is disputing this. It is so disheartening. If you can provide any further help in this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.
9:47am 01-27-2017
Emile Grenier
Hi my name is Emile Grenier I am wondering if anybody would be able to help me whit the name Ovide

Hi just wondering if anybody could tell me if the name Ovide Avela Pigeau born in 1903 is mother was vitaline bellefeuille and is dad napoleon pigeau wanted to know if there is any native in is name and from ho r from where thanks for your help

avela Pigeau
10:01am 11-18-2016
looking for ancestors by the name Mathias. they settled in the rapides des joachims area. .mygrandfather and his siblings were registered in the census as indian. no other records found. can you help me? thank you in advance
10:56pm 11-17-2016
Hi,i would appreciate your help on finding out if my grand father Josephat Ovide Avela Pigeau (born june 1903) is related to the late Joseph Alexandre Despatie probably born in the 1800 ? If you have info you can email me at thank you!
12:39pm 07-19-2016
Some men in this region wear too long pants/trousers
7:22pm 03-20-2016
Anita (Simard)
Hello Irene,

My name is Anita and I am the daughter of Gisele Gionet (Simard).
I would be very interested to speak with you.
12:23pm 03-08-2016
Rail and Bus is not safe
1:11pm 07-10-2015
Roy J Calrk
very interesting site, Irene. I have some Clark Family photos you may be interested in seeing, th you may have seen them on the North Bay and Sturgeon Falls FB pages,
9:37am 02-28-2015
Carl Corrigan
Hi Irene, just wishing you the best and hope all is well. Carl
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