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3:46pm 11-20-2014
Shirley Mogensen
looking for information on Philomen Pigeau who was married to Eli Beaudry. She was my gr gr gr grandmother. Trying to find out if there is proof of native in her line. Her father was Pierre Gaspard Pigeau and mother was Judith Magneron LaJeunesse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
6:11pm 11-03-2014
I'm trying to find out if i have any native im brown and so is my grandmother was rita dubeau married to donald cadieux.his father was Isadore cadieux married to analda cere(aulda sere) victoria harbour ontario.they all lived and died in the penetangushene area ontarii
8:53pm 09-20-2014
Carl Corrigan
Hello Irene, I hope all is well with you and you are taking time to smell the roses.
3:55pm 06-25-2014
Brenda Jackson
Hi Irene, I am a great grand daughter of Pierre Pigeau and Marie Anne Beschamps. My grand mother is Oheseme Pigeau, she was married to Henry Champagne. They lived in the USA for many years before returning to Canada. She died when I was 4mos old. I would appreciate any info that you would be willing to help me with. I enjoyed reading all the posts. Thanks Brenda
5:43pm 05-27-2014
If Pierre (Pigeau) Shawaniprenisi was born in Sulpice L'Assomption, Quebec. I am a descendent of Pierre, I wonder if I could be identifies as a Quebec Algonquin
12:03pm 09-15-2013
I am interested inresearching the 'Rail' family from Mattaw. My cousin has just received her status through my grandparents and I am interested in persuing the same for myself as I am the adopted parent of an aboriginal child. This would be a wonderful link for us.
Thank you
4:03pm 09-02-2013
Jean Marc Larcher
I am looking for any legal document indicating that all descendants of Pierre Pigeau ancestors are of metis blood
12:36pm 08-22-2013
Barry E Armstrong
I am descended from Gaspard Pierre Pigeau Pujos Shawaniprenesi. Many of my family lived and died in the Nippissing, North Bay area. My grandfather was Victor Ernest David Pigeau. However, he used the name of his Step father, Gilbert William Armstrong. My great grandfather Gaspar David Pigeau was born in Chapeau, Iles aux Allumettes. I would love to connect with this side of my family. Regards, Barry
4:51pm 06-06-2013
Dan Rooney
I am so impressed by the look and organization of your site. And I am envious. How did you do it?
10:34pm 05-31-2013
Hello Irene, hope you are well!!
7:17pm 05-23-2013
I am an ancestor of Shawaniprenisi / Graveline. I have become fascinated with searching my ancestors, I was wondering if anyone could help me work on treaty rights and would like to trace his/their personal history. I am interested in any Metis, Native info that anyone can provide. Thank you
9:08pm 04-29-2013
Hello Irene, given the news lately I think all of aboriginal descent are in for some exciting times ahead.
Regards, keep up the good work.
8:48pm 04-13-2013
Elizabeth Hebert
Hi there,

Would you happend to have any information to share with me about my ancestors

Lovinia Pigeau, Pierre Pigeau Pujos Shawaniprenesi and Marie Judith Martine Magneron Lajeunesse HONISEKANIKOQUE.


Joseph Hebert dit Larose and Charlotte Dame.

my email is

forever grateful, Elizabeth Hebert "
11:29am 03-20-2013
And I meant I was a descendent, not an ancestor!!!
11:28am 03-20-2013
And here is my email!
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