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11:29am 03-20-2013
And I meant I was a descendent, not an ancestor!!!
11:28am 03-20-2013
And here is my email!
11:27am 03-20-2013
Myrna Pigeon
Hi Irene, I am an ancestor of Shawaniprenisi. While I am not researching my status, I have become fascinated with this branch. I was wondering if you know if Shawaniprenisi born around 1760-70 was also a chief; where he was born, etc. Also did Gaspard Pigeau have three wives? How about Shawaniprenisi born 1832. Was his mother Honesikan or Lajeunesse? It would be nice to get these three sorted out as am looking at his/their work on treaty rights and would like to trace his/their personal history.
9:39am 02-26-2013
Barbara Ann Simard
Hello Irene
Thank you for all the work you do. This I am sure has helped alot of people. Keep up the great work that you do.
11:50am 01-25-2013
Anne Wilkinson
Hello Irene
I am Anne Wilkinson and am interested in researching my native ancestory.My mothers maiden name is Levesque and it is connected to the pigeau\Shawanaprenesi line.I am under the impression you helped my Uncle Leonard Levesque with his research ...If you have information that would be email is
7:36am 10-06-2012
Hello Irene: I am currently trying to find out my Native history. I do have my Metis Status and was wondering if I was intitled to my First Nations Status, if you could help me in my search that would be great. My father is Henry pigeau B: October 11, 1916 M: Betty Cheasly, his father Damase Pigeau B:August 1891 M: Diane Bellaire, his father is Dessitee,Dosithe Pigeau B: 1860 M: Marie Louise Graveline on the day of January 24, 1882. Thank you Brian Pigeau, looking forward to hearing from you. Here is my e-mail where you can contact me, or
8:06pm 07-18-2012
Jon Kingston
Hi Irene. I'm researching the Kingston family of north bay / wassi area. I have an extensive tree for the Anglo and French descendants of the family but no links to the indigenous branch as there was some sort of falling out in the 1940's wondering the best place to look . Jon
3:31pm 05-13-2012
Donna Woodruff
I am trying to find out the native ancestry in Edourdina Marie Foisy, in the Nipissing Area she was born in 1888 and was married to WIlliam Henry Woodruff. Was told she was Native. Hitting road blocks and so would like to get some information. Thanks
9:23pm 12-08-2011
Researching my great grad parents Abraham Legare & Lovinia Pigeau. They were married in 1886 Bonfield, Ontario. My grandmother Marie Louise Legare was born 23 May 1890 Bonfield, Ontario. I am interested in any Metis, Native info as possible. Lovinia Pigeau's parents are Pierre Pigeau Pujos Shawaniprenesi 1783 & Marie Judith Martine Magneron Lajeunesse HONISEKANIKOQUE - 1816 - 1899 Bonfield, Ontario.
10:26pm 08-12-2011
You need to contact the Algonquin First Nation Mattawa/North Bay at 1-705- 744-3360 and tell them what you stated in your message below.. you may only have to provide a few documents and the rest is history. You may also want to be transfered to the Antoine First Nation.. As Clifford or the staff what you should do.. both names Dumont and Jawbone-Jean-Bon Richer, Nikiwisens, Janbone etc.. I could keep going and its all the same family the Dumont are with the Dokis gang. Let me know how it turned out.. if you need the lineage done, email me back at
I hope I was of some helpe, these names are also connected to Golden Lake, ON.
11:17am 08-10-2011
Tanya Mckenzie
Researching my grandparents, more luck with Grandfathers roots, but my Grandmothers has been very difficult. It seems they have changed the name. They are from the Nipissing region - She is a Dufont according to her gravestone. And her husband is a William Jawbone. Seems his name has changed as well, was Antoine at one time.
Taking a break because it is so overwhelming to piece together the puzzles.

Great job here by the way.
7:16am 08-09-2011
Kwei, Kwei,

I would like to know where I can find information about surname indian nepissing, like wife of Jean Nicolet, child and other name.


11:23am 07-28-2011
Christine Schiavo
I am trying to find information that would link First Nations from the Simards and Chatelains. I am missing something.
1:03pm 03-30-2011
Irene Schofield
Contact me on
my grandmother was born in Buckingham, Qc I do have the book here, and I can access information on
thanks for ur message.
11:25pm 03-10-2011
Dear Irene - Thank you for your work! I am working on a Philip Smith and Bridget McGuire of Paroisse St-Gregoire-de-Nazianze in Buckingham.
I noticed you have some pages that look like they are from the church records. Could you guide me to finding the church records published? Thank you for your time! From New York City, Steve
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